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Choose your Royalty from our Royal uncut jewellery

Royalty is believed to be a birth trait, but here at TDF Diamonds and Golds, we believe it’s a style, an elegance, a statement that we present in front of the crowd. With our Uncut/Jadau Diamonds moulded into gold, you can embrace your inner highness for that Royal Princess look.

Diamonds have long been associated with wealth, luxury, and glitz. Uncut diamonds were once extremely popular among Indian royals. Due to their unquestionable craftsmanship and designs, they have gained popularity among jewellery lovers over time.

A wedding in India is a luxury event, to Buy Bridal Jewellery from TDF for that one special day. It is one such opportunity to embody a timeless culture through the bride’s carefully chosen Jewellery. It’s a time to show your royalty, and we at TDF will provide you with the Jewellery that will make you look distinctively glamorous and poise.

Why Millennials are choosing uncut Jadau Diamonds

Modern millennial brides choose to Buy Bridal Jewellery from TDF that speaks to their personality and aesthetics from engagement to Haldi, Mehndi, and reception. We have a wide extravagant collection of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pendants that will be an all-stop package for any occasion and a complete bridal package for marriage with various styles and designs for various occasions.

An uncut diamond is a contemporary stone that is in high demand due to its unique aesthetics and lack of human intervention in its polishing. In their quantity, raw uncut diamonds flame with excess brightness and have a way of recreating themselves for the contemporary client.

Difference between normal diamonds and Jadau Diamonds

The appearance of a raw, uncut diamond differs from the diamonds used in your diamond rings or bracelets. The appearance of an uncut diamond is similar to that of a transparent or translucent crystal, which can be colourless or tinged in a brownish or yellowish colour. A raw diamond’s edges can be rounded or angular, and they have a distinct glamour.


  1. Uncut diamond jewellery is as unique & pure as uncut diamonds
  2. The precious stones give a wonderful appeal when paired with coloured stones like rubies, emeralds, or sapphires.
  3. Uncut diamonds don’t undergo cutting or polishing so they are comparatively less priced than polished diamonds.

Our comprehensive collection of timeless items includes both traditional and fashion-forward styles, making them ideal for any special occasion. We take delight in each and every item of jewellery we create. Your Beauty Deserves The Best! Choose from a range of Uncut Jadau Jewellery from our Royal Heritage Collection.


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