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When you are selecting an engagement ring, you need to be quite specific. It is one of the most memorable moments in your life, and hence, you don’t want to compromise on anything.
From style to workmanship, and quality to affordability; you need everything right at the place. When you want to be unique and sweep your partner off his (or her) feet, you must read this blog.
Here you get some useful and practical ideas to make the ring super unique. It will make the ring as special as you two are as a couple.
Browse the catalog in the Best Gold Jewellery Shops to get an impressive wedding ring. Your preferences will be blended with superior artwork so that the result is just incredible.
When you pick the finest metals, and gems and diamonds of superior quality, you get a product that shines uniquely. Whether you choose the design in person or online, make sure you pay attention to the details. Look at each parameter well.
Here are some important factors you should consider while buying the engagement wedding ring.
Personalize it
The first thing is the personalization. The ring you choose should reflect your love, emotions, and above all, your personality.
Your soon-to-be fiancé should get astonished by the personalization of the engagement ring. You can choose amongst several ideas.
• Get a ring made with the name or initial
• Get the name, engagement date or place engraved on the ring
• Get a design that she loves the most; it could be a symbol, a sun-sign or anything
Make it colorful
Your life is going to change colors one you will get engaged. Hence, it is a good idea to add colors to the engagement ring.
You can have a combination of colored stones and diamonds. The best ones are ruby, topaz and emerald. It is important to know the choice, liking ,and preference of your sweetheart before you choose the colors.
Give your ‘heart’ to it
When it is a relationship where two hearts get tied with the string of love; your engagement ring must contain a heart. Whether you embellish the heart in the core design, or you engrave it on the ring, or you form the ring in the shape of a heart; the choice is yours.
Classic designers have a list of items from which you can pick some unique designs. Find her inspiration in her favorite type of art and architecture.
Make a ring that matches her preferences. Diamond Jewellery Designers in Mumbai know how to incorporate user choice into available design solutions.
They have a team that is dedicated for delivering perfect work.
The old is always gold
It is a truth that in spite of a great fascination about the modern design and style, there is an equal craze for old and antique designs.
People do not mind spending extravagantly on vintage designs. AN heirloom ring, for example, can be modified into a beautiful Diamond engagement ring that brings the ultimate mix of old and new.


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