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Whether you collect the best affordable jewellery, have a collection of family vintage Jewellery or invest in the finest jewels, keeping all of your jewellery organized and finding the best jewellery storage solution should be a priority. “Organizing jewellery makes it easier to visualise the pieces in one’s collection, increasing the likelihood that the pieces will be worn.” Keeping things organised also helps to protect your pieces, makes it easier to see which jewellery needs to be cleaned, and allows you to keep track of what you have, preventing you from losing.


How to Organize your jewellery in synthetic leather or velvet trays

Stacks of the same type of jewellery trays can be created on a vanity, dresser, or even a floating shelf. “Stacker jewellery boxes are a great option if you don’t have drawer space for jewellery storage.

Jewellery can be classified based on how it is worn:

You can wear the set of your jewellery according to your preference. You don’t need to pair all the jewellery together, to keep it simple and elegant, you can wear jewellery separately, for eg, wear only necklaces, and bracelets, which are very minimal looking and goes with your outfit too.

Similar colours can be kept together.

If your precious jewellery collection includes a lot of silver and gold pieces (or other bright colours), make a stylish storage statement by grouping similar-coloured pieces together. This can give your jewellery storage a bold and fun look, and it will ensure you always know where your favourite drop necklace is.

How to Store your Jewellery by Shape and Size:

When designing a functional storage system, keep the size and volume of each category in mind. Don’t try to stuff dozens of bangles into small trays which are meant for delicate necklaces. After sorting into categories, as described above, it is much easier to determine how much space is required. Purchase storage that will comfortably accommodate your collection and allow for easy retrieval of pieces.

How to Convert a Stand into a Jewelry Storage Box

Another great way to display your jewellery is with a folding tabletop stand. You’ll be able to store more jewellery on your vanity or dressing table, and you’ll be able to fold it up when it’s time to put it away. Furthermore, because it is a folding jewellery stand, it is easy to transport and can be worn on any occasion.

Necklace Arrangement in Partitioned Trays

It’s so easy for chains to get tangled, so as long as they stay flat on a tray and separate from each other, they stay neat and organised.

Store your earrings in soft pouches.

Keep your best earrings in a safe place, especially if you have a collection of them. Store earrings in soft pouches with two compartments so that earrings should not break and can be worn with a similar shine and it will look like newly purchased earrings 

How do you keep a lot of jewellery?

If you have a large collection and space, an armoire dedicated to all your Jewellery collection is a one-stop solution for you. These freestanding pieces of furniture have designated spaces for a variety of items, such as drawers, hooks, rods, and shelves. If you don’t have the space, you can buy a mirrored jewellery cabinet, which is essentially a wall that looks like a mirror.

If you want to keep your jewellery’s shine and radiant intact and also to keep them away from scratches for years,  you can follow these amazing tips at your home.


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