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There is no better relationship than a long-lasting friendship that helps friends see the ups and downs of life together. Such has been the case of the Managing Directors & Co-Founders of TDF- Diamonds & Gold, Mr. Prasanna Shetty, and Mr. Gautam Singhvi. This duo has been friends for nearly three decades, with their friendship growing from strength to strength over the years, which has had a positive impact on the business.


Gautam Singhvi

Mr Gautam Singhvi was born into the jewellery business and has taken his family name to new heights with his expertise and knowledge. A renowned face in the world of jewellers, he is an expert at product design and understanding consumer behaviour. He has brought about a revolution in the field of gold and diamond jewellery industry with his vast knowledge.

A Commerce Graduate, who joined his father’s Jewellery business while completing his education, became a jewellery expert at the starting stage of his career. His creative and entrepreneurial thirst kept him going, as he Co-Founded TDF in 1999. He believes that nurturing relationships is important and possible in these rushed times with a little bit of help and effort.

Gautam Singhvi has responsibilities for TDF Diamonds & Gold’s overall technical operations, store operations and product development. Gautam also works closely with our partner organizations in ongoing business development. His years of retail sales and store management have helped form this innovative professional services organization.

Apart from TDF Diamonds & Gold, Gautam serves as director- Sales with South Jewel (i)Pvt. Ltd, a 40-year-old company in gold and diamond jewellery. He has spent his jewellery career spanning over 25 years working closely with premiere customers and with the most sought after dealers of jewellery. Gautam in-depth knowledge of the market, expertise in customer behaviour and retail sales and taste in jewellery has helped him gain an unquestionable judgment and understanding of what sells in the market.

Gautam Singhvi and Prasanna Shetty have known each other for more than 25 years and have fantastic work chemistry between them. They complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses and thus make a formidable and unbeatable team.

Prasanna Shetty

Mr Prasanna Shetty is an MBA in Marketing with great business acumen. He started work with the financial services industry, where he picked up skills and experience by working in tandem with leaders of the industry and armed with this strong foundation and knowledge, he has successfully executed great strategies at TDF.

An MBA Graduate, having worked with global companies like Allianz insurance and Sunlife Insurance, Prasanna Shetty is an avid follower of process and systems. His quest for entrepreneurial projects and big goals never let him stop. He Co-founded TDF while he was moonlighting in his career. It takes a whole organization to reach a goal. Saying this, he joins the team to build that organization. Ask him what the most important aspect is of his business, without even blinking he’ll say “Human Resource”!

Prasanna Shetty has over 15 years of corporate managerial experience where he has grown in rank within the company. His last stint was heading the Sunlife Insurance business expansion in the western zone. He has worked with retail clients across varied industries.

Areas of experience include business development, retail sales, distribution set up, channel management and a specialist in resource acquisition management and business expansion. Core competence is setting up new business units and ensuring their viability in a very short time frame. Armed with hands-on retail sales and distribution experience, Prasanna gives TDF Diamonds and Gold the corporate edge it requires and thus a platform that adds value to its customers and follows the age-old Mantra – ”In Execution lies the Key.”


Together, they have fantastic work chemistry between them and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Together they have fantastic work chemistry between them and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.


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