This pandemic outbreak has undermined our lifestyle. From enjoying the outdoor events we started finding comfort in virtual birthday parties, online wedding functions, or a zoom event. But now as we are going back to normal, it is high time to bring out your favourite pieces from your jewellery box and experiment with some new trends that define the season. TDF has put together a guide to the most stunning combinations of trending jewellery that you can wear in the coming days, fusing the delicate with the dramatic.


Spring Season

With the outset of the winters and the arrival of the bright sun, spring is the most beautiful season of the year. It is the time when you can flaunt your jewellery collection after the long winter season. Since spring brings along the beautiful mother nature, the jewellery in this season is all about floral motifs and designs inspired by nature. To stand out from the crowd, play around with statement jewellery, bracelets and large earrings. In contrast, the colourful spring clothes, go minimalist with simple crystal or charm pendants with chains in rose gold. You can shop from TDF for trending jewellery in the bridal season.


Summer Season

Summers are all about flowy skirts, boho jewellery, and breezy dresses which are quirky and light. Every summer wardrobe should include vibrant gemstones and sea-inspired jewellery such as shell necklaces and pearl jewellery sets.  With a bright summer dress or a casual top and pants, you can pair it up with a beaded necklace or a shell necklace. If you’re dressing up for a more formal occasion, pearl jewellery is your best option in the summers along with a bracelet. You can shop from TDF for summer season trending jewellery in Mumbai.


Autumn Season

Warmer colours soothe the eyes for autumn jewellery trends. You can also accessorise bronze colour(rose gold) jewellery with autumn outfits to get a vibrant look. Hoops are a must-have in most jewellery collections, and they’ve been on trend for the past few seasons. It can also be layered with other items to create a one-of-a-kind statement. There is plenty of fun, vibrant trends to enhance your cold-weather appearances, so choosing the finest jewellery to go with your fall attire is an important task.


Winter Season

During the winter, with all of the layering outfits, there isn’t much room for jewellery. Therefore, earrings and rings are the finest winter jewellery in this case. Large statement earrings are the greatest trend in winter fashion right now. If you do not want to keep a heavy look, plain stud earrings are also a good option. Any outfit can thrive from a flashy ring. With a bright, hefty ring on your finger, even casual clothing looks so much better. Crystal jewellery can be adorned for parties or festive occasions. TDF has the most trending jewellery in Mumbai that a woman could want. At our store, you may browse a variety of jewellery types that are suitable for all seasons.

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