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Bridal jewellery serves a dual purpose: it not only adds the perfect finishing touch to your wedding celebration attire, but it also serves to mark the many stages of your courting as a bride-to-be. Shopping for an engagement ring and bridal jewellery is the most vital part of the whole wedding process. If you are looking for diamond engagement rings and couple rings, TDF’s comprehensive guide will help you buy the perfect engagement ring. 

There will be confusion over style and budget which will make it difficult for you to select a diamond engagement ring, as well as the jargon hurled at you in jewellery stores, which may be nerve-wracking. So, to make life a little easier for you, TDF has compiled all the information you’ll need to know before shopping for engagement rings and bridal jewellery. 

Best way to choose an engagement ring?

Your engagement ring should be a reflection of your personality and culture. Given the high cost of diamond rings, it’s critical to understand the fundamentals before buying a diamond engagement ring. The cost of a conventional round-cut diamond is more than the cost of a fancy shape like a pear or a marquise diamond. Young brides now prefer emerald and cushion cut diamond rings, while asscher cut diamonds are all about elegant glamour. Round brilliant cut diamond is the most preferred shape of a diamond in the world, as they are cut with 58 facets reflecting light back to your eyes, the ideal cut aspects of a round diamond provide more brilliance than any other shape.   Depending on your choices, the ring could be set in a prong or halo setting, with a basic gold band or an extensively carved one. You can refer to a variety of options available in the TDF collection and buy an engagement ring for your big day.

How to find a classic pair of engagement rings & couple rings?

Matching wedding bands are becoming increasingly popular as a way for couples to show their commitment to each other. It’s best to pick a ring design that goes well with your engagement ring so you can stack them together. Gold rings and platinum rings are classic favourites. You may also have your wedding date or hashtag inscribed on it so that you always have a souvenir of your big day.

How to find Bridal jewellery that matches your wedding trousseau?

Because your wedding set will be a significant investment, go for classic over contemporary. Consider the future and design a set that will be a treasured family heirloom. The most common choice for pheras is diamonds, both cut and uncut. Traditional brides choose polki or jadau sets because they provide a touch of royalty to the whole ensemble.

Gone are the times when bridal sets remained in a bank vault collecting dust. Today, the idea is to invest in trousseau outfits and jewellery that are easy to wear. Purchase detachable, multi-purpose necklaces that can be worn as a statement piece for the next family wedding but also broken down for a more relaxed festive dinner party. 

Finally, keep in mind that the person who places the ring on your hand is the most significant factor and not the ring itself. Visit TDF and find a one-stop solution to all your concerns related to diamond engagement rings and couple rings.


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