TDF Vows

  1. Trust: Trust on your jeweller is of paramount importance, when you invest in precious gems and jewellery it is imperative that you must be assured about the quality. Hence, we have associated with renowned third party labs who provide certifications for all diamond jewellery and all gold jewellery is hallmarked by government organisations.
  2. Value: Jewellery bought from TDF comes with a lifelong buyback and exchange guarantee. So that the customer at any point has a sense of security and is confident about their precious keepsake. You also get full value of old gold jewellery in exchange of any new jewellery purchase at TDF.
  3. Transparency: TDF ensures that there is complete transparency in billing. You get entire product information upfront, right from the weight of gold, to the making charges, diamond carat weight etc.
  4. Price Benefit: TDF has its own state-of-the-art manufacturing unit which ensures that the jewellery you buy is at the best lowest price, which ensures that the consumers enjoy price benefit.
  5. Customer Service: At TDF it is essential that all customers are fully satisfied and whatever they have visualized comes true at a budget that suits them. TDF has a dedicated team who ensure that all your desired jewellery is delivered to you on time.

As jewellery buyers, you’ve done your share of endless research – whether it’s finding the right design and quality at a reasonable price. Each time you have made a purchase you have ensured that it has been a satisfying experience and worth all the time that you have invested in it. We created TDF for jewellery buyers like you who want to make an informed decision and buy the most awesome jewellery piece. Our goal is to be your guide and take you through this journey whenever you’re looking to buy jewellery.

Another facet of TDF being an emerging winner every time and on every count was the exquisite designs created and presented by the firm. These caught the eye of connoisseurs of artistic designs and authentic Diamonds. Their clients are happy with a guarantee provided by them with globally accepted certification. This showed that the firm was on right path to win the confidence of the clients.

TDF’s expertise in design development, manufacturing and quality control has helped it provide the clients with customized solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements.

A fact that widely differentiates TDF jewellery from others is a supreme and exquisite blend of traditions with the contemporary. This always gives TDF an edge over others. TDF jewellery stood out every time it was worn by our clients and received a sincere applause from the connoisseurs. TDF is gratified but did not lose the ground they are standing on. They strived for bringing authenticity in whatever they offered and the trend is still going strong as if imbibed in the TDF culture.