Gold bangles are a timeless accessory that may be worn by young as well as elderly women. Indians’ affection for gold jewellery, particularly gold bangles, has always been there and will persist forever. Traditional Indian bangles are an excellent example of art, culture, and craftsmanship combined. Indian women enjoy wearing bangles to accentuate their appearance and attire. The majority of Indian ladies choose to wear bangles with sarees or salwar suits. If you want to buy traditional Indian bangles, here are some tips you can follow before you bring home that lovely pair:


  • Check the purity of gold and hallmark

When purchasing traditional gold bangles, their purity is one of the most significant factors to consider. It would be preferable if you double-check the purity of the gold. Before purchasing traditional Indian gold bangles or other Indian traditional jewellery, make sure the gold is hallmarked. 

  • Preferable style

Gold bangles are available with a variety of embellishments like gold bangles with diamonds, or with emeralds, rubies, or pearls, gold bangles with both diamonds and gems, and plain gold bangles. If you wish to wear bangles on a daily basis then plain solid gold bangles and sturdy single line diamond bangles are ideal. For parties and special occasions, intricate pieces with diamonds and stones are a great match.

  • Suitable Design

Choose a design that you’d want to wear on different occasions. Always keep in mind the occasion or the intent of your gold bangle shopping.  There are different types of designs available like

  1. Plain gold bangles
  2. Artistic Nakashi bangles
  3. Gold Temple jewellery bangles 
  4. Kundan bangles
  5. Gold with gemstones like rubies or emeralds 
  6. Diamond bangles crafted in gold
  7. Meenakari bangles crafted in gold

Choose an Indian gold bangles design that suits your outfit, event, and personality. There are ample designs available in the TDF store collection. 

  • Authentic Workmanship

If you’re buying luxury bangles for a special occasion, such as a wedding then choosing the proper workmanship can be critical. Pacheli, Antique, Temple, and Meenakari are among the most popular forms of bangle craftsmanship.

Additionally, always check the colour of the metal that complements your attire. Also, make sure you purchase a suitable storage box for them. A soft, high-quality box would protect the bangles from harm.

One thing that all of the classic bangles have in common is the cultural importance they hold, which never fails to impress. If there existed a weighing scale that compared old Indian bangles to newer, lighter designs, the scales would always tilt in favour of those with deep and timeless Indian roots.

Now that we have let you know the tips for buying traditional Indian jewellery and if you want to buy pure gold bangles in Indian style, you can visit the TDF outlet and add a wonderful piece to your collection.

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