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You’ve certainly noticed that the correct jewellery can significantly elevate an outfit when worn properly. Every item of jewellery, when properly paired, can make a statement on its own. When you combine the appropriate jewellery with the proper attire, you can draw all eyes to yourself. TDF has compiled a list of top jewellery style suggestions to assist you in being the most glamorous version of yourself.


  • Outfit and jewellery colour combination

If you do not want to look overdone, it is equally important to take care of colours while picking jewellery. Gold and silver jewellery, as well as the neutral colours black, white, and grey, go with everything. Coloured jewellery is beautiful, but jewellery with more than two hues can be overwhelming. Coloured jewellery is beautiful but jewellery with more than two hues can be overwhelming and hence should be paired with a pastel or white coloured outfit.

  • Outfit Necklines

Necklaces are the focal point of any accessory. The neckline of your dress, shirt, t-shirt, or blouse must match your necklace. A V or Y-shaped pendant looks wonderful with a V-shaped neckline. The pendant, when worn with matching earrings, will draw attention to your face. A small pendant with thin chains or an ornamented locket will look fantastic on a square neck.

  • The Importance of Scale

Very small jewellery may get overshadowed by your dress, defeating the purpose for why you wore it. On the other hand, very huge jewellery can appear cumbersome and heavy. Small, uncomplicated jewellery items go well with busy, patterned clothing. Stud earrings and modest pearl necklaces will suffice in this situation. Large jewellery goes well with plain clothing.

  • Take your outfit into consideration

If you’re wearing clothing with a bold print, keep your jewellery simple. If you’re wearing a plain, straightforward outfit, more innovative jewellery might help to modify it. Accordingly, your jewellery choices will change for designer bridal lehenga. Keep in mind that jewellery is an accent to your wardrobe and should never compete with it.

  • Choose a centrepiece

Building an outfit around a single piece of jewellery, such as a statement necklace, ring, or bracelet, is a simple approach to start accessorising. This piece would be the focal point of your ensemble, with the rest of your attire being kept to a minimum.

For a change of pace, try pairing traditional jewellery with western clothing. It’s the year’s most popular and gorgeous fashion trend. You must experiment with several appearances in order to get the best outfit jewellery combination. Following the recommendations above, you will be able to accessorise like a pro in no time.


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