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Bandhan Monthly Savings Scheme

  1. Bandhan Monthly Savings Scheme is a step towards systematic planning of Jewellery purchases yearly.
  2. The scheme allows getting jewellery of your choice where you pay monthly instalments and additional benefits would be paid by TDF.
  3. The installment amount to be paid every month is Rs. 10,000 or more.
  4. Monthly installments should be paid before the 15th of every month, till the date of maturity of the scheme, failing which the member will be unable to avail the benefit of the scheme.
  5. Privileged scheme members will be intimated in advance about the new arrivals, offers, events via SMS, Phone calls, and E-mails.
  6. One time *No Making Charges* coupon will be allotted for one ready product only. This coupon cannot be clubbed with the Scheme Redemption. This coupon is valid only for the purchase of Diamond Jewellery.
  7. If the scheme is discontinued in-between 80% of the monthly installments paid to date will be refunded.
  8. If any month is skipped, a penalty of Rs. 200 will be charged per delayed month.
  9. If you like our products and services, kindly appreciate us by joining our schemes.


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